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St. David's Anglican Church, Tsawwassen, B.C.

St. David’s Leadership Team

As we attempt to discern God’s plan for His church here at St. David’s, important decisions are made by the Vestry, or parish family, at our annual Vestry Meeting held in February each year.

Following this Vestry Meeting, and until the next Vestry Meeting, Parish Council is charged with bringing the decisions to fruition, ensuring to the extent possible that all decisions fall within the annual budget adapted by Vestry.

The Diocese, or geographical region, of New Westminster has certain by-laws and regulations which govern the administration and running of the Parish. According to these regulations, or Canons, the Rector and the Wardens are the point where the “buck stops here”. They are responsible for the well-being of the church.

The St. David’s Leadership Team, our Parish Council, is best described by the following chart:

Rector:  Reverend Basvi
Bishop's Warden:    Tracy Grainge
People’s Warden:  Anthony Hanna
Treasurer: Ellen Challinor
Bookkeeper: Don Christie 
Vestry Clerk: Gillian Wallace
Elected members: Gayle McMynn, Mary Horton, Nick Robinson, Kay Foord, 
John Hedgecock, Val Hicks, 

Each elected member of Parish Council has a Parish Ministry area for which they are responsible. While they may not necessarily chair the Ministry team, they report the team activities to Parish Council to ensure the leadership as a whole is involved in all ministries.


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