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St. David's Anglican Church, Tsawwassen, B.C.

Clergy At St. David's Anglican Church

Dear friends,  
Thank you for clicking onto our website.  When the people of St. David’s Parish welcomed me to be their pastor in June 2017, I was delighted.  Parish ministry is always a reminder to me of the value of community.  At St. David’s it is a multi-generational community—old and young and in-between, those in their later years and young children and middle-aged, all together in God’s Spirit! 

I recently worked for eleven years as Spiritual Care Chaplain in care homes around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  I love my older people and have always appreciated their life experience, and their stories and wisdom.  But parish ministry is my first calling and love, I think because it involves all ages.  It is a joy and inspiration to connect with people of different ages and stages in life.  One learns over the years, to “meet people where they are”—whether child, teen, young adult, adult and middle-aged, or older person—and to accompany them in their journey.

My career began in the United States from where I come originally, and has continued now for many years in Canada, in Toronto and here in the Lower Mainland.  My family and I became Canadian citizens about 15 years ago.  I have served as pastor in several Lutheran congregations and, more recently, Anglican parishes.  (The main Lutheran and Anglican denominations in Canada can share ministry.)  These “communities of faith” over the years have reminded me of just that—the importance now in our busy society of finding community.

Stop by if you’d like to share the experience!  All are welcome!

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To contact Tim, call 604-943-4737 or email timdw@shaw.ca



Deacon Steve Thompson
I was born in Vancouver and lived in the Vancouver area all of my life. I went to work for the Canadian National Railway right out of High School and worked for them for 32 years, as a Carman. I repaired the rolling stock, this includes from air brakes to steel fabrication. I also taught First Aid and manned a First Aid post. I joined and coached First Aid teams and one year even won the National Championship.

I’ve been a member of St. David’s for many years. While at St. David’s I have worked as a volunteer in many roles. My main ministry is working at the Senior’s Service, where I serve at the Altar with the Priest.

I have also discerned a call to Ordained Ministry with the Diaconate. I have done six, six- week semester courses with the Rev. Dr. Richard Leggett. I have also completed a four year Education for Ministry course. In 2012 I graduated Education for Ministry and was ordained a week later.

I look forward to continue to serve the congregation of St. David’s.


Rooted In God, Responding to God's Call, Reaching Out To God's World in the Name of Jesus Christ
St. David's Anglican Church - Tsawwassen, B.C., Canada
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