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St. David's Anglican Church, Tsawwassen, B.C.

Frequently Asked Questions at St. David's

Can you give me more information about the 10:00 am Sunday Service?

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What is the History of St. David’s Anglican Church?

The first Anglican church service for Tsawwassen area residents was held in a school on July 12, 1908 with The Reverend Bartlett of All Saints Anglican Church, Ladner, officiating. The congregation numbered 48 and when Sunday School started in September, 1908, there were 18 children enrolled.

In 1948, a group of parishioners raised funds and made plans for a new church to be built on lots adjoining 56th Street and 12th Avenue which is now the commercial centre of the community. The sod was turned on June 4, 1953, and the first service was held in May of 1954. The Patron Saint of Wales, St. David, was chosen as the name for the new church out of deference to the Reverend Evans, a Welshman, who had worked so tirelessly in making the church a reality. St. David’s remained a part of All Saints parish until 1956. By 1968, St. David’s had become a self-supporting parish.

In 1970, the desire of developers to build a shopping centre on the church property resulted in the parish selling the property and donating the church structure to the municipality. The building was moved about ¼ mile to Winskill Park and was converted into a general purpose structure for community use. The building is still in use today in the park.

In 1970, land on 51A Street, in the centre of the emerging residential community, was purchased by the diocese and the proceeds of the sale of the former property allowed the present church to be built mortgage free. The building was consecrated on Epiphany Sunday, 1971.

Who was Saint David?

according to the BBC

Where are the Church’s documents stored?

St. David’s started as a parish in 1907. From a family sitting room, to a small church at 12th & 56TH to our current location the parish has grown. Records have been accumulated and are being cared for by the Archives group, a small but dedicated group of members. Records are initially stored at the church and then moved to diocesan archives, where they are stored at the Vancouver School of Theology along with many other church records.

Who looks after the property and maintenance of St. David's?

A dedicated group of individuals take charge of the maintenance, repair and renovations of our extensive facilities. They look after not only the interior, but also the grounds and gardens as well as the church van which is used to transport handicapped individuals.

There are always flowers at the Altar, who takes care of this?

The church is prepared for worship each week by a dedicated fellowship of women and men in the Altar Guild who offer their time and talents in this important ministry to our community.

I would like to understand more about Christianity, where can I go for books on the subject?

 A large and helpful selection of Christian books and reading materials are available for loan from the library at St. David's. A children’s section is included as well as modern illustrated works of reference.


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