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St. David's Anglican Church, Tsawwassen, B.C.
Connecting with a Parish . . . Journeying Together through Life
You are always welcome to drop in at St. David’s for a Sunday service or a parish event or activity.  All are welcome!  If you find yourself returning, you are welcome to become part of our parish family (membership).  Connecting with a parish in this way is flexible, depending upon your level of interest and commitment.  In our society nowadays, there is much isolation and loneliness; and desire for purpose and meaning in life.  Being part of a parish brings the experience of community with others and the sense of being part of something greater than ourselves.  It is a gift that connects us with one another and with God.  For those who are part of a parish community, special times in life are marked and celebrated together.  These include Baptism, Marriage, Confirmation, and Funeral or Memorial Services.
Baptism is the beginning of life as a Christian.

It is dying and rising with Christ to new life by God’s grace.  Often Baptism is celebrated after a baby is born, as an affirmation of faith by the family and parish congregation on behalf of the child, with the promise that the Christian faith will be shared with the one being baptized as he or she grows older.  But Baptism is for anyone regardless of their age, if they have not yet been baptized.
With Baptism, the person is then welcome to receive Holy Communion (or the Eucharist)—the special service held frequently in the church whereby we are nourished in the faith and united with one another. 
Confirmation is a special occasion whereby teenagers (or older) are able to affirm the Christian faith for themselves, if that had been done for them in Baptism when they were infants or small children. 

Weddings are held in the church, celebrating the marriage commitment, seeking God’s blessing and guidance upon this relationship now and in the future, and promising to the couple in their life together the support and care of the parish community.
Funerals or Memorial Services (or Celebration of Life) mark the final transition in life when a person dies.  The deceased is prayerfully remembered and entrusted to God’s eternal care.
The surviving loved ones are supported and their grief is shared by the congregation gathered.  There is a spirit of thanksgiving and wonder for the gift of life and God’s eternal life. 
In all these ways and others as well, becoming part of a parish community brings many spiritual, emotional and communal benefits.  You are always welcome to stop by for a worship service or event.  Maybe come again.  And perhaps continuing coming, as God’s Spirit may guide you! 

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St. David's Anglican Church - Tsawwassen, B.C., Canada
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